Sunday, December 25, 2011

Elective 2: Logo for Jail Products

will be writing more about this in detail with all the  works. Though the classroom project is over I am doing the basic packaging as self-initiated.  Only 12 posts this year, I am sure next year I keep a track on it take time and make more of my works visible. Going Bhopal for a month. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Friday, September 16, 2011

Classroom Elective 1

...we had to take anything under the topic Child and  Health or Child or Health in Elective 1.. I had approached Lakshmi Murthy in my 2nd year to do an intern.. so was familiar with the work she does..getting this topic gave me chance to approach her to take any project there that will sure come under this domain... I will be adding more to it.. till then thought of just adding the image that will explain about for Project 1 and the link which talk about it. Though the project is complete, there is room for improvement, I will do that once I am done with the ongoing project...

MF 2011 T-shirt Entry

This was an art work for t-shirt's Back design for a college fest Monsoon Fiesta. Because of a few kleptomaniac the institute has installed innumerable CCTV for surveillance .. The campus life feels no more homely  .. Privacy has become secrecy .. But monsoon fiesta invites pple to take part and they are all aournd the campus 24 hours engaged in fiesta events.. and there are pple to watch so is the camera .. I used it as visual pun to remind pple that the NID's eye in on you..its the time to perform their best.... also when they wear it out of campus the meaning is conveyed differently.. Letter MF 2 is formed of three different types of cctvs around ie fixed, revolving cctv etc '0' is replced by umbrella suggestive of monsoon and 11 with male female sign.. There were other concepts unfinished .. will be using that for next time.. It was not selected because of using too much of element in front.. wanted to play with the form of map which could not happen.... anyway it was appreciated only making it complex with map was criticized.. next time. Sometime I will add below the this years selected entry for T-shirts  ..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

To do list .. (1) to read ...

Well life if too short for everything.. it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill .. lot to do..... dwelling from a small town, books were among the a few little available resource to know about the outer world.. I am a avid reader.. I try to read whatever I come across.. books, people, faces, handwriting, hands, and now that I am in Visual Communication (Graphic Design)..  I m being trained professionally how to read visually, also started reading in terms of Visual Grammar ... balance, rhythm, noise, semiotics, gestalt,.. ...  meanwhile I came across this book .. which again questioned my existence.. but thankfully I am a Gemini and one of the nature of gemini they say is that 'they seem to know a little about everything'..I think the purpuse of knowing those 1000 books will be solved in this book..  at least good enough for pple like me who want to scan through all of them in a short time.. and rest of the art can be gained  by the book.. how to talk about the book that you haven't read.. Just Kidding.. .. for record, they are worth reading..

random web surfing

I got seriously injured while internet surfing so for last couple of months I have been keeping myself away from it and trying to recover and lead a normal life in real world.. sometimes the page visits each day used to exceed 1000.. now that I have recovered I surf carefully.. I just check emails and so some virtual social connections on facebook by fixing 15mins timer :)..
I came across two interesting links... while going through some presentation on slideshare came across Viswam's Blog. Interesting.. I will revisit. Visited site that branched off to many informative site on Graphic Design. Ending it today after 168 page visits..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I was given deadline of 15th sep all I needed was some research, exploration and finalization,,.. below are first few explorations done overnight on 8th sep after a day of analysis .. which was to be followed by selection, refinement and finalizationt till 15th..
12th Sep was worst day.. came up with some OE, ie open elective concepts.. I had intuition that I its going to flop and so it did.. before I entered the cabin the panel which was to decide the logo had already taken a decision to take the from forward of someone else.. (I think that there is more of psychology, than anything else behind it.. its 'their' decision which they are asking to take forward-- sense of connection) so there was no point showing my concept .. and too In beginning I felt it was kinda disrespect to Graphic Design..not going into too much details.. but later a presentation by Nitin justified that deadlines means NOW and all they want is an end result... a day before had met a man who gave a free suggestion of working smartly.. he had 6 years industry experience.. I started trying to understand the SMARTNESS he was talking about how it will fit in this scene...

Hand on Experience

Posting is the animation done is 3 days including the know how of software skill and hand on animation.. it was first such experience with just prior learning of making a flip-book.. I was kinda happy.. could have come better .. but had deadline for the screening..

Set of some useful Keeda work

Its Diploma Jury time... along with it come many amazing screenings by Animation and FVC pple.. these were some time-pass leak se hatke posters done for them most of them done in a short time of an hour or two just as a respect .. will be adding some more to it

Sketch Back to Life

This is compilation of some quick sketches that I did last year.. I am contiuing with it and since finished many sketchbooks..those are still to be scanned/photographed, compiled and posted.. After foundation, I almost stopped practicing sketching.. with three years of limited sketching that was only upto exploration and conceptualization of assignment I started feeling as if my hands have started rusting.. and my abitlity to sketch has gone to coma.. it needed some oxizen to come back to life again.. survive and flourish.. NID campus is full of artist and creative people.. I discovered Saheb Ram Tudu a good company to go and sketch with.. he had spent 7 years of his life in art field and though being in sculpture has excellent control on sketches and water color...  followed by Ritesh Kumar,.. they were so enthu that they could go for sketching anytime .. but we are trained to become professional designers that is totally different from that of an artist.. we followed 1-2 hours time either before breakfast or after dinner and limited our self going only to nearby flower market, and GeetaMandir bus-stand... now that my sketches are getting back life again.. all that is needed is continuity/ consistency and practice..

Thurday, 15th September 2011

Well, I got a very frank reaction from a close friend, who has seen more life than me, that though I work and always act/look busy but my work is not visible at all. This was kind of best feedback I got from anyone this year and got stuck - which compelled me to contemplate again and again. Being a diarist its easy for me to come up with lots of things which is often easily consumed and digested amongst the pages. I promised myself to do something about it to make MYSELF VISIBLE.. at least what I am doing.. or happening in my life.. this blog is a rough book..which I don't use too often.. realizing the importance of IT age...

NID is very happening place.. lots of things seen on campus in past 4 years.. screening, presentation, number of displays, events, national and international seminar and events, festivals.. our learning happens not only inside classrooms outside as well.. many times we educate ourself visually..esp being in Visual Communication

Adding below is an extract from the book 46 + 14= 06 a book by an Nidian.. which describes NID well "...There was freedom to think, freedom to express freedom to be what you are. Nobody was trying to teach, but we were allowed to learn, Nothing was forced upon us, we were told to explore the world on our own. There was an air of freedom, there was a song of freedom in the air at NID. That makes us NIDian. Every corner, every room, every corridor is filled with creativity, and that turns an ordinary thinking person into a great artist..." Though the life of foundation UG was not touched in this book as it is penned down by a PG student and also its a work of fiction.. (46+14=06)

There was a presentation in Audi organized by foundation student, actually it was an interactive session by name WEDTALKS, where pple are invited to share their work and experience and today it was  Nitin Patel, an ex-nid exhibition designer and animator by profession. I could'nt find any connection between studying exhibition and being an animator by profession.. so was quite enthu and careful not to miss this session. I have seen him on the campus several times but never interacted with him, and thought must be some alumini paying a holy-day visit to NID. Dhaneesh Jameson, my forth year animation describes this VISIT well in his BLOG.

I rushed to Audi at 5:15pm after having bread pakoda as lunch at BMW canteen, found that I was 11th to enter in the audi, which he counted. For the time being, Nitin was entertaining us by singing  Kumar Sanu's "Tujhe Dekha to Ye"  for for those who were present and waiting for the rest to come. Some requested to sing "munni badnam" after that.. He said 'I dont have that energy. Soon he started his presentation after people were there.. after a short introduction by a foundy he started telling about his life.. a 2003 passout.. means joined in some 2003 - 4 = 1999 (if not wrong).. I am ofter very inspired by the people who hear the voice of their heart and do what interest them.. My list of inspiration are filled with people like Satyajit Ray, Won Kar Wai, Diwakar Banerjee, Tapas Guha, Suchir Mishra..and goes on who has done things differently in different field I found Nitin flowing in the same wave..

Jotting down just important points.. he mentioned that its important to understand what people want from you in the industry.. many time they will say red and means green you have to capture the moods/feeling/emotion.. and get used to it.. there deadlines are "NOW".. learn teamwork.. he was overconfident as everyone NID appreciated his skill... ego has no value outside... he realized that his overconfidence was nothing and he had to mentally prepare himself to any kind of work.. he got some small works in beginning and slowly-slowly he started getting bigger assignments.. mentioned life will be much more easier in team work.. he said its better to be clear what is expected out of me.. I connected with a recent (yesterday's) failure where after 4 days of works I had to drop doing that.. really it was a lesson to remember which he highlighted again. (FB)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Posters on Piter Bi'lak

Never seen so many poster for any presentation like this before. .....

It happned in India

I was going through this book last year and I remember mention of NID, This book also mentions about our ex-director Darlie O. Koshy who was here for 8 years. I am putting some extract below which talks of NID that I found interesting (P 209=10)

Jacob Mathew
The genesis of Idom can be traced back to the Mumbai Pune expressway. ....... We went round and round in circles and there was'nt any signage to help us out. Kishoreji suddenly started mumbling, 'You NID people. Its'thirty years (now 50 years) since the institute was set up ant there is no sign of you guys.' I was taken aback. I tried to point out to him all the good work that NID graduates had done, designing the logo for State Bank of India, for Indian Airlines and for numerous Indian companies. He shout back asking me to name some good design groups. I named some of them, but he would just rubbish them saying that they are too small to make any significant impact.
He had been quick to recognise the potential of design. The idea and versatility of what design could do was quite clear to him. We were developing his entire customer...... pace with him.
When he first told us about merging of Esign and Tesseract, we didn't respond. designers have a very boutique mentality. We discussed it amongst ourselves, but it's not easy to get a bunch of designers to work together. Design, we said was organic and fluid, and that's how we thought our organization should be. Kishoreji's perpetual complain was that we tend to think very small. He would pass remarks such as, ' You NID people think small. You guys have the potential but...'
But waht all of us, in both the organisations wanted, was a reassurance that we could work independently. We were small setups and we wanted to remain that way, we didn't want to be part of huge company and get lost int he process. A couple of other companies were willing to fund us, but they wanted us to be part of their groups. But then Kishoreji was someone in whom we had implicit trust. He is a man of dreams and his ideas are often very infectious. So we debated amongst ourselves for some time and whenever we were in Mumbai we would get into long sessions with him. It must have been thought for him, but he was .......
Finally, in April 2005, Idiom was formed with the merger of Tesseract and Esign. .......

Under this title I would be writing and expanding some questions going in my head. Just to begin with I have posted this extract.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

done in may 2010

Munni Badnaam

I have been listening this songs for a couple of days by the grace of  an immediate junior who takes pleasure playing it in fullest volume making sure the entire B-hostel can listen clearly his choice of song....the good thing about this song is you have to bear with it only for two and half minute.. lately I was on trip to Surat.. the only best misuse of time while on bus was to sleep or listen to FM radio on my mobile .. and again I had this song played randomly ... but this time I enjoyed listening.. I was heeding upon kind of music and its lyric. and I wished it was sung by Bhojpuri female singer Kalpana or Devi.. they would have justified it better ...

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I found a piece of carrot as salad in our mess. I didn't eat it because it resembled like this.